Me diagramming an instructional strategy for better or worse.

Marc LaTourette

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Teach the tasks, not just the tools.

The series of tasks that comprise a job duty or responsibility are greater than any tool set used in their accomplishment.

Teach the entirety of the task, its requirements, procedure and acceptable results. Then provide guidance on error resolution, trouble-shooting and subsequent decision-making.

Otherwise, write user manuals.

Read my on Task Analysis

Exploit the medium.

Make the magic box work for you and your learners.

Provide targeted feedback and remediation. Create scaffolded task simulations. Direct learners to what needs to be learned.

Yes, it can and should be done.

Learning is work.

If instructional products do not require the learner to perform at least something, then what were you trying to accomplish in the first place? Please, challenge your learners.