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This is a provisional website for viewing select portfolio items. Due to the custom environments in which these items were implemented, some features and functions may not perform as expected. Some items have been converted from Flash format to video in order to showcase the intended interactivity. View samples in the eLearning library.

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Teach the tasks, not just the tools*.

The series of tasks that comprise a job duty or responsibility are greater than any tool set used in their accomplishment. Teach the entirety of the task, its requirements, procedure and acceptable results. Then provide guidance on error resolution, trouble-shooting and subsequent decision-making. Otherwise, write user manuals. * More about.

Exploit the medium.

Provide targeted feedback and remediation. Create scaffolded task simulations. Direct learners to what needs to be learned. It can and should be done.

Learning is work.

If instructional products do not require the learner to perform at least something, then what were you trying to accomplish in the first place? Challenge your learners.

Content drives strategy.

Content types suggest instructional strategies. Is there a process to teach? Consider an exploration and discovery activity. Is something broken? Consider trouble-shooting simulations. Need to make recommendations, produce a plan? Consider a dynamic peer or expert dialogue. Beware the dress code policy training ---not THAT again!

Teach to the moment*.

As you consider your strategies, make note of the learning moment needs. Do not burden your learners with what they already know and perform. Engage your learners through skill application and next-level challenges. * More about.