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A library of select portfolio items for your perusal. Some items are better than others. Some are more complete than others. This is intentional and meant for our future discussions. These items are not mobile-ready.

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Surgeon Resting
Medical Errors

Full module

Nursing scenarios for error prevention. Always wash your hands. Try not to hurt anyone.

Patient and Doctor
Prenatal Exam

Practice simulation

Complete the examination for an at risk mother. All phases of the examination must be achieved.

Pharmacist and customer.
Pharmacy Drill

Assessment activity

Survive your first day as a Pharmacy Tech. Simulation to prepare for the state examination.

Teach the tasks, not just the tools.

Help desk worker.
User Accounts

Task simulations

Reset that password, create some user groups, lookup users, then delete their accounts. Scaffolded software simulation.

balance and gavel.
Case Names

Rules application

Introduction to rule-set application when normalizing items for data-base entry. Learning could never be more compelling.

medical residents.
Residency Service

Process activity

Prototype system and application overview. Strategies include user vignettes, process exploration and simulation.

Doctor and heart.
Cardio Sounds

Exploration activity

Explore listening to the human heart while encountering gallups, murmurs and rubs, oh my!

Woman and counselor.
Domestic Violence

Full module

Intended for nursing students but the sad truth is that everyone should take this course.

Doctor and patient.
Pulmonary Test

Discovery activity

Simulation to correctly identify pulmonary conditions based only on its sound. Cough please.

Exploit the medium.